Expert Compounding Pharmacy offers practitioners alternatives to the oral pain medications that are most commonly prescribed to treat their patients.

Hard to treat chronic and acute pain can be very challenging for a practitioner. Not only do their patients experience many side effects e.g. stomach ulcers, drowsiness and nausea, they have a problem swallowing so many pills.

As a compounder we are able to customize a prescription for that individual patient incorporating one or several drugs into one dosage form e.g. creams, lollipops, suppository, lozenges. The most commonly used dosage form is a topical cream containing several medications.

Just imagine rubbing a cream or gel into a sore joint instead of swallowing a tablet that may give you so many side effects.

It is extremely rewarding when our patients call and let us know how well they are doing and how we have changed the quality of their life.