Hormone Replacement

Bio Identical Hormone Treatment (HRT) can assist in alleviating  hormone-related symptoms and balancing hormone levels. No two women are exactly alike and customized hormone replacement therapy may be an option for those who are experiencing menopausal symptoms. Some of the symptoms of fluctuating hormones are hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, insomnia, vaginal dryness and decreased libido. Compounded hormones can be made in a wide variety of dosage forms and strengths to fit a woman’s individual needs.  

Men also experience hormonal changes as they age. Andropause can result in a number of symptoms. Our customized compounds can help to counteract symptoms such as low libido, depression, sleep problems and short-term memory loss.

Our pharmacists at Expert Compounding Pharmacy work closely with medical practitioners to determine the most optimal course of treatment for each individual patient.