Where do you start when there’s so much to love about this pharmacy? 1st, Dana and especially Elaine are smarter than my doctors. I trust only their pharmaceutical advice. Since they are expert compounders they know what ingredients to negate from my compounds for my specific health issues. The customer service is top notch and it only took all of their staff just a couple of weeks before they knew me by name. They’re also able to ship my meds for when I cannot drive which, I appreciate greatly. For when I am able to drive their pharmacy is right off the freeway and has tons of free parking. Last, they have TRUE gluten free compounds!  For this, they have a guaranteed lifetime customer.Sam S, Glendale, CA

Expert is a great pharmacy and they have the best quality products. They know exactly what they are doing and for some things its always best to go to an expert even, if that means paying a bit more. Elaine and Dana always make the pharmacy a great stop during the day. – Garo, D. San Francisco, CA

I cannot say enough kind words about Elaine and her coworkers at this pharmacy. Unlike the big corporate chains like Walgreens or CVS this is a family owned business and they remember you by name. I have had very bad experiences with the other big chain pharmacies and I would never go anywhere else after coming here. They give you the royal treatment as soon as you walk in the door. They are always kind and happy to help with any questions (which I have often with any new medication or prescription). Their pricing for their medications are usually cheaper than their corporate competitors and most importantly their custom compounds are tailor made. If you just moved to the area or if you are looking for a new pharmacist then stop wasting your time and give Expert Compounding Pharmacy a call!
Thank you so very much again!Henry W., Tarzana, CA

Years and years of helpful and kind service. Quality products and personnel. Highly recommended!Paulie D. Glendale, CA

I’ve been using this pharmacy for several years. Had to take a break due to relocation, and am so happy to be back using them again for my bioidenticals. I can safely say, with 100% certainty, that I feel a huge difference since I’ve been back, as this pharmacy really knows what they’re doing, and they do not cut corners when compounding prescriptions. Nicest people, the best customer service, and just an all-around pleasure to do business with. Oh, and they make great face creams too!Stacey D. Studio City, CA

I recommend all of my own patients to ECP. It’s one of the few pharmacies in the Valley that I can wholeheartedly trust and can confide in. Elaine and Dana’s knowledge is second to none and their compounds are the best.Alla R. Reseda, CA

I just love this lil’ gem of a compounding pharmacy. I have gotten some invaluable help from this crew, (Thanks Tracy!) and just wanted to share what a great business you guys run. Thank you for always answering any questions I have and providing excellent healthcare to your patients.Ashley J. Austin TX

This place offers a variety of pain creams that I use due to a recent car accident. the staff was friendly, informative and helpful when I had any questions. thank u for the wonderful service.Alex G. Los Angeles, CA

We went there on a Saturday and were assisted by Carla. She is the greatest. Very knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. For anybody going on an exotic vacation, do yourself a favor and stop by for your shots!  – Richard O. Los Angeles, CA

Went here for travel vaccinations and Carla was wonderful: very knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating. I would readily recommend her to anyone needing protection from non-standard illnesses.Lindsey R. Los Angeles, CA