Even amongst compounding pharmacies, there can be many differences. At Expert Compounding Pharmacy we prioritize quality across the board. We purchase only the highest quality chemicals, have state of the art equipment and support the continuous training & education of our technicians & staff. It is also our policy to randomly send our products for potency testing. We believe that sending a product for testing not only insures the quality of the medication but the complete compounding process. We do this because we have found it makes a significant, positive difference in the treatment outcomes for patients. Our pharmacy also has a system in place that allows us to provide follow-ups on new medication we dispense. We know compliance can be a factor in treatment outcomes, and we have found that following up with patients and making sure our pharmacists are available to answer questions directly is beneficial to a patient’s course of treatment. The emphasis on quality medications and customer service can make a difference in the final price of a finished product, but we feel it is worth it in providing proper care.

I would like to share a situation that just recently occurred at our pharmacy.

A woman contacted me explaining that after being our patient for some time she had decided to fill her prescriptions at another pharmacy because the price was significantly lower. After a month of using the 2 prescriptions from the other pharmacy, she was not feeling well. She asked me whether we checked our compounds for potency. I told her that we do random checks on a regular basis. She asked whether I minded sending in the prescriptions she was using to check on their potency. I was a little apprehensive about doing this but I called the lab and they said send in the medications. The results of the compounds she had been taking came backtested at 51% and 62% potency. According to USP <795>, compound prescriptions are to be prepared to ensure that each preparation shall contain no less than 90% and not more than 110% of the active ingredient. If such a product does not fall within this guideline the compound is not correct and can have a significant negative effect on the health and well being of the patient being treated.

We feel we owe it to patients and practitioners to share this information and ask them to please take all this into consideration when choosing a compounding pharmacy. Do not always look at pricing. The chemicals being used need to be of the highest quality and the compounding process needs to be of the highest standards. There are no short cuts when it comes to the health and well being of patients

This year marks our 56th year in business and our goal has always been to provide a quality product with the most professional customer service. We believe that the steps we take set us apart from other compounding pharmacies.

Both I and pharmacist Dana Madievsky would be happy to answer any questions you may have.