What is Compounding?

Compounding is the preparation of customized medications that meet the specific needs of a patient. Compounding pharmacists work together with practitioners and their patients to decide on the most appropriate way to take prescribed medications.

We make unique medications that are not commercially available using drug delivery systems, dosage forms, strengths and flavorings that meet individuals’ specific needs. For example, if a person is unable to take their medication orally, we may be able to place the medication into a transdermal gel that will allow it to be absorbed through the skin. Some ingredients found in commercial medications contain dyes, sugar, alcohol, lactose and/or gluten. People with allergies will not be able to take the commercial version of a medication if they are allergic to any of those ingredients. Compounded versions of medications can be created without problem-causing additives.

If an elderly patient or small child needs a reduced strength of medication or is unable to swallow a tablet, we can compound a flavored liquid to deliver the medication. We can also prepare dosage forms that contain more than one medication to simplify a confusing pill-taking schedule and reduce the potential for medication dosage errors.

If you have problems giving medications to your pets, we can make medications in a flavor pets will devour!

We also specialize in menopausal and hormone replacement compounded medications.


Do All Pharmacies Compound?

Compounding requires specialized equipment and bulk chemicals that are not available in most pharmacies. Our pharmacists have received extensive training in modern compounding techniques and regularly attend continuing education seminars. By combining the art of compounding with the latest medical knowledge and technology, we can offer practical solutions for our patients’ medications needs.