Allergy-Free (gluten, lactose, etc.)

Pharmacists routinely ask patients if they are allergic to any medications but do not necessarily think to ask if they are allergic to any foods.  Excipients used to bind medications together may contain gluten; however gluten is currently not required to be listed as an ingredient on medication labels. Heathcare professionals concerned about gluten triggering certain autoimmune diseases advise some people to maintain a gluten-free diet. We are able to compound medications that are gluten-free for these patients. 

Many people have allergies that are not considered when they are prescribed manufactured medications.  Many commercially available prescriptions contain lactose as a filler and may use dyes that a patient is unaware of.  At Expert Compounding Pharmacy we are able to compound your medications without adding lactose, dyes and preservatives. 


Discontinued Drugs (shortages)

Over the years Expert Compounding Pharmacy has filled prescriptions for many discontinued medications and medications that are unavailable due to a manufacturer’s shortage. These situations may occur when a medication becomes less profitable causing companies to stop production. At any given time, there are numerous medication shortages. What does a patient along with their healthcare provider do in such a situation? Call Expert Compounding Pharmacy!  If the active ingredient is available, we will be able to compound the medication for you. With a written prescription we can help prevent a disruption in the course of treatment that you and your physician have chosen.



Expert Compounding Pharmacy can work with your dental practitioner to optimize your oral health. A number of dental problems such as gum disease, plaque, canker sores, ulcers, infections, dry sockets and oral bleeding can be treated with compounded medications. Customized medications can help make your dental visit a better experience.



Some stomach, intestinal and other digestive issues can be treated with customized medications, especially when the commercially available medications have not worked. We can assist in the treatment of conditions such as acid reflux, anal fissures, ulcerative colitis, hemorrhoids, esophagitis and Crohn’s disease.



A parent knows that getting a child to take their medicine can often be difficult. For this and other reasons, children can often benefit from custom compounded prescriptions. Flavoring medications and compounding unavailable strengths and dosage forms are just some of the ways we can help make it easier for your child to get the medication they need. The most common pediatric dosage forms are suspensions, lollipops, topical preparations, lozenges and suppositories.