Luminous Skincare

Developed by Dana Madievsky, owner of Expert Compounding Pharmacy, Luminous is an all-natural skincare line. Working with pharmacy clients and medical professionals, Dana developed a keen sense of what people want from their skincare products. She became frustrated with the impure ingredients utilized by many skincare lines and their lack of transparency with their clients. At the same time, she was fielding requests from dermatologists to create safe and effective skincare products that they could recommend to their patients. As a pharmacist with extensive experience with natural products, herbs, and dermatology, Dana felt that she was in a unique position to offer clients skincare solutions. She teamed up with her daughter Ruth, who is both a pharmacist and a poet, to create Luminous: a skincare line that uniquely blends art and science.

Luminous skincare products contain organic, whole plant ingredients rich in vitamins and antioxidants through methods designed to keep their prime nutrient profile intact. This collagen-based skincare line works synergistically with botanical sources to keep skin smooth, youthful, and radiant.

Luminous face, hand and body products are sold at the pharmacy and online. For more information see: Luminous Skincare website