Introducing our very own private nutritional supplement line.

 All vitamins and supplements are not the same quality. In fact, a massive inspection by the FDA found huge discrepancies in quality in the bargain brand supplements found in some mega-store retailers. Get to know our new Private label supplement Line at Expert Compounding Pharmacy.

Introducing Luminous

A Luxurious line of Beauty Products sold exclusively at Expert Compounding Pharmacy

luminous collagen cream

We offer a number of custom supplements fine tailored for many different ailments and targeted diseases composed with only the best of ingredients. 

With our supplement line we are providing:

Professional grade supplements

Supplements that are tested for quality, purity and safety by certified labs using the most advanced equipment and testing methods

Supplements that are manufactured under the highest standards in the market

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Product Specials

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We have many of our beauty products and also our own line of supplements on special. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list so you can save money!



Encino medical compounding

We have clinically designed formulas and compounds made for your specific needs. We can coordinate with your doctor and find the compound that best suits your health needs!


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Elaine Blieden, has many of her favorite “how-to” books for maintaing good health available at our store. A great resource for those serious about turning their health around