Frequently Asked Questions

Compounding is the process of preparing a customized medication to meet a patient’s individual needs.

Yes, every compounded medication requires a prescription.

Yes, we can ship your medication using the US Post Office, UPS or Fed Ex. The choice is yours. If necessary overnight shipping is also available. We are always happy to accommodate our customers.

Yes, we are able to electronically bill a number of insurances. Every plan is different so before we fill your prescription we will ask you for your insurance information. After we input the information into our computer we will notify you of your co-pay or the amount that you are responsible for.

Many prescriptions can be filled the same day. Some medications take more time to compound and if we have to contact your health care provider or if an ingredient needs to be ordered it could delay processing your prescription by a couple of days.

Your health care provider can either call in the prescription or fax it to the pharmacy. We can then ship your medication or you can drop by and pick it up.

As long as the medication is available to us from an FDA approved pharmaceutical wholesaler we can compound it for you in any dosage form without preservatives and dyes. This also applies to those who are lactose intolerant.

Yes we can make that medication in the exact dosage that you require. Many pediatric medications can be compounded into liquid form and we can flavor them to your child’s taste.

We can compound that medicine for you as long as the active ingredients are still available.

We can compound all her medications together and put them into a topical gel which she can take orally to alleviate the side effects that she is experiencing now.

We compound many prescriptions for dogs, cats, birds, etc. We have all the different flavors available for every different specie.

We can put some medication for healing the ulcer in a polyox bandage. She will spray it on the ulcer and because of the consistency of the bandage it will stick to the mucosa. We can also put in some local anesthetic, eg. lidocaine, which will numb the pain. We also compound many different mouthwashes for this and other conditions.

The ingredients come from an FDA approved pharmaceutical wholesaler and are all USP registered materials.

A customized compounded hormone is a hormone that is not synthetic. It has the exact same molecular structure as what the body makes and is derived from a plant source – either soy or yam. It is also customized for you in the strength, combination, and dosage form that your health care provider thinks you will benefit from.

When commercial hormones do not relieve your symptoms. A custom compound will be needed immediately. When there are adverse side effects. When the strength and the dosage form are not a good fit for you. When the commercially available hormone patch is causing skin irritation. When you have an allergy to additives that are in commercial medications. When you feel strongly about taking hormones that are identical in the molecular structure to what your own body makes.

Yes, we are always happy to help customers. Our pharmacists are extremely knowledgeable on the use of customized hormones and they also are available for consultations with your health care provider.

This all depends on you and your health care provider. Some will take blood levels, others will do salivary levels and some like to treat based on symptoms. There is really no right nor wrong answer.

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