Our compounding pharmacists can work with your doctor to meet your unique dermatological needs. With your physician’s prescription our pharmacy can compound preparations to treat special problems like:


– Psoriasis

– Eczema

– Various Warts

– Skin Pigmentation

– Acne

– Fever blisters

– Shingles

– Nail fungus

– Diaper rash


If your skin condition was not listed above we can still compound a custom cream for you. Please contact us and we will work with your doctor.


Preparing Custom Creams

Advanced Scar Therapy Solutions

PracaSil-Plus is exclusively offered through PCCA and brings together science as well as nature to help dramatically improve scars


PracaSil-Plus ™

PracaSil-Plus Before Photo
PracaSil-Plus After Photo

XemaTop ™

XemaTop Before Photo
XemaTop After Photo

 Our scar therapy creams are among the best. Please give us a call and let us help you heal as fast as possible

Cosmetic Compounding Solutions

Numbing cream is often times suggested with laser tattoo removal. This will help ease the pain of the tattoo removal laser during the procedure. We offer a number of different topical solutions to ensure that your procedure is as painless as possible. Similar topical solutions can also, be compounded for a number of other cosmetic procedures including laser hair removal.


We also compound a number of anti-aging formulations as well. Everyone has different needs, skin types, and levels of aging- as the experts we will compound the cream that is the perfect match for you! 


Additional Dermatological Services We Offer

We can compound custom Barrier Creams containing medications such as cholestyramine which, is formulated to minimize development of contact dermatitis, as part of an incontinence skin care protocol, or to even treat severe diaper rash. Barrier creams have many different uses but no matter what the application we have always seen positive results.

We offer many different compounds to enhance any sort of laser procedure. The rapid advancement of laser and cosmetic procedures has made adequate analgesia necessary for patient comfort. A necessary and finite compound is needed. Our topical anesthetics have a rapid onset of activity and an excellent safety structure. Triple anesthetics has a rapid response of activity and a great safety profile. Triple anesthetic gel containing permeation enhancers provides effective cutaneous anesthesia as fast as 15 minutes after use. 


Our compounding pharmacists can make custom nipple creams according to your needs as well as in some cases your pain levels. We also have an All Purpose Nipple Ointment (APNO) which contains ingredients that help deal with multiple causes or aggravating factors of sore nipples. “Good medicine” calls for the single “right” treatment for the “right” problem, true enough, but mothers with sore nipples don’t have time to try out different treatments that may or may not work, so we have combined various treatments in one ointment. Of course, preventing sore nipples in the first place would be the best treatment and often adjusting your baby may be helpful in these circumstances.