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Discontinued Medications and Compounding Solutions

Posted on May 11, 2016

What to do When you are told that Your Medicine is Discontinued or There is a Manufacturer Shortage

By: Elaine Blieden, Pharmacist
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Over the years Expert Compounding Pharmacy has filled prescriptions for many discontinued medications and medications that are unavailable due to a manufacturer’s shortage. These situations may occur when a medication becomes less profitable causing companies to stop production.

Just recently we have heard of numerous shortages. What does a patient along with their healthcare provider do in such a situation? Call Expert Compounding Pharmacy and if the active ingredient is available we will be able to compound the medication for you.

With a written prescription we can help prevent a disruption in the course of treatment that you and your physician have chosen.


Measuring your Medications

Not only can Expert Compounding Pharmacy fill prescriptions for drugs that are no longer available but we can also compound commercially available medications for patients that may be lactose intolerant, allergic to preservatives & dyes and that require a different strength or dosage form than what is commercially available.

Please contact us for further information and with any questions that you may have about compounding and customizing your care. We are always happy to help!
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